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Desert Owl, Sonora Desert Museum, Arizona, 2005

After all the rain and wind that has buck-sawed my life for the last four days, those pictures from Ulm are getting too dark and heavy. I need the brittle edge and hard light of the desert, and where is … Continue reading

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Fasching in Ulm, Bavaria, Germany, 1987

The kids seemed … kind of angry. Germany is a complex culture, no part more so than Bavaria, which for a prosperous region acts strangely put upon. The Bavarians seem to say “We’re Catholic and Greens and traditional,” yet everyone … Continue reading

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Carnival (Fasching) in Ulm, Germany, 1987

It begins at 11:11 ate.m. on November 11. The weather isn’t great that time of year in Bavaria, but the tradition of talking back to rulers, the parody of pomp, the election of the Lord and Lady of Misrule have … Continue reading

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Burghers of Callais, Rodin Museum, Paris, France, 2009

One of the most important works of Auguste Rodin, completed in 1889, in the gardens of the Musee Rodin, Paris. The port of Callais was under siege by the English for over a year in 1347 during the Hundred Years’ … Continue reading

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Tallinn, Estonia, The Town Hall Pharmacy, 2007

A pharmacy has operated on this spot continuously since the early 15th century, making it one of the oldest in the world. The wooden cabinets and high ceilings suggest the world of Copernicus and William of Occam, but you can … Continue reading

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Gioh-ji Dera, Kyoto, Japan

A small temple on the west side of Kyoto, the “Temple of the Three Nuns” has no raked stones, no imposing rocks. Just a beautiful smooth carpet of moss, best seen in the fall, when orange leaves flame on the … Continue reading

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The Green Line, Beirut, Lebanon

Before I lived in Beirut, I thought the “Green Line” would be tangible, perhaps even painted on the street. The civil war that raged from 1975 to 1990 devastated whole neighborhoods, dividing Muslim areas from Christian areas principally, but also … Continue reading

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Sadhu, Chennai, India

Nothing prepares you for India, even if you have been to Africa or the Andes. You think you have seen poverty, or the contrast of wealth and poverty. You may think you know something about religion or the power of … Continue reading

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Jane Kramer, root vegetables,

I was reading and absorbing her piquant posts from Europe before my brain realized that this was “Jane Kramer.” Prose like a great pickle. She’s a small person who takes on large topics, so I photographed her in a corner … Continue reading

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Ian Frazier, “If Memory Doesn’t Serve”

“Among the cruelest tricks life plays is the way it puts the complicated part at the end, when the brain is declining into simplicity, and the simple part at the beginning, when the brain is fresh and has memory power … Continue reading

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