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Thrity Umrigar

“This body that we occupy, that we have worn like a coat from the moment of our birth – from before birth, even – is still a stranger to us. After all, almost everything we do in our lives is … Continue reading

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“The Girl from Flower Mountain, ” Han Yu

“On street corners east and west they teach the Buddhist sutras Banging bells, blowing horns rattling the court Much is made of sins and blessings to seduce and awe the listening crowd shoving — floating waterweeds pressed — A yellow-robed … Continue reading

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The Loneliness of Airports

If you are lucky, a kiss in a corner, stolen from spacious indifference. You could die here but no one does, that we would hear about. Anomie would be destroyed. If there were only death, danger, love in O’Hare, La … Continue reading

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Is Anyone Listening?

The Pope is tweeting, and Congress is falling over the fiscal cliff — is anyone listening? In Mali they are cutting off hands for listening to raunchy cell phone rings, instead of to God. Listen to our God instead, they … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Vegetarianism

This woman and her children sat at the next table in a vegetarian restaurant in Kelambakkam, Tamil Nadu. I went in because it was clean, cheap, and authentically local. They were perhaps followers of the guru who ran the restaurant, … Continue reading

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Thank you

In this time of short days, we give thanks, for darkness is temporary and the light of simple things shines through. To be with loved ones, to be safe, to be warm and out of the snow, to have food, … Continue reading

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Christmas snowstorn, Avignon, 2001

Taken in the courtyard of the Universite d’Avignon et Pays de Vaucluse, before they cut down the trees. It only snows in Avignon once every 8-9 years, and this was a big, wet,sticky kiss of winter. Merchants tried to sweep … Continue reading

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Binzuru Sonja Bodhisattva, Todai-ji, Japan

This much photographed bodhisattva sits outside Todai-ji, the main temple in Nara, Japan. She is supposed to protect against disease, an irony given the lovely crack that splits her face. The best thing about her is how weathered the wood … Continue reading

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Miami Beach, Florida

When the snow hits our neighborhood, people head south, some of them to Miami Beach. We went down to see what it was all about a couple of years ago. We arrived in a cold snap and while stinging jellyfish … Continue reading

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How to dig a snow cave at 10,000 feet on the Grand Teton

To begin with, the air is thin, so plan to take an hour or two. Location is everything: you want to burrow into a nice bank of snow, not one that is going to drift over, and definitely not one … Continue reading

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