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Sequester bites U.S. military : catastrophe to follow?

So the U.S. military might have to reduce its spending by 7% until Congress straightens out the budget, according to today’s newspaper. Apologists for the defense industry like Sen. Lindsay Graham are already predicting the Decline of the West (as … Continue reading

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Shaker Square Cinema

Cleveland Cinemas, the home of all that is righteous and worthwhile in Cleveland film, was founded by Jon Forman, a graduate of the Case Western Reserve University English Department. He had been a student of Louis Giannetti and he ran … Continue reading

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Michael Clune, Writing Against Time, at Nighttown

“Writers want to create vivid images. But is philosophy really so extrinsic to this work? I want to call this assumption into question … Is it true that everyday perception is vivid? The color of the sky on my way … Continue reading

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Children, food, discipline, strangers

I understand why this woman is annoyed, with me or with her child, or with both of us. She bought the kid the stick of candy he was whining for, and now he turns away, no gratitude. She lifts her … Continue reading

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Eugène François Vidocq and the detective novel

Crime as a feature of modern, urban, Western life was not recognized until the rise of large cities in the early 1800s, the period when a mass reading public appeared. The two coincided. The new cities were chaotic, without maps, … Continue reading

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Paradise, fetish, hotel: Mexico City

Ah, the importance of the headline. My last post with ‘fetish’ in the title got a lot of views. But here we have a picture that, while it might be sexy, erotic or fetishistic, is actually a Case of the … Continue reading

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How do U picture Versailles?

I lived not too far away in the late 1980s, so I went to Versailles a couple of times, usually in winter when there were fewer tourists. This was one of the tips given to me by my landlady – … Continue reading

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Riga, Latvia, 4/23/93, my diary

Across the lobby of the bus station, an old woman slowly combs out her gray hair. She smooths a long purple scarf out on a bench, then lays a white kerchief within it, and finally ties the ensemble over her … Continue reading

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This is not a Door

This is not a door, this is not a wall, this is not a house, this is not a screen, this is not a computer, this is not the cloud, this is the passage, this is a hall and a … Continue reading

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The Lights Go Out in Damascus

We read this morning that the electricity has been cut massively to the capital of Syria for the first time, and that the Russians are ferrying their advisers to Beirut for repatriation. Both actually and metaphorically, the lights have gone … Continue reading

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