Paradise, fetish, hotel: Mexico City

MexicCity 030

Ah, the importance of the headline. My last post with ‘fetish’ in the title got a lot of views. But here we have a picture that, while it might be sexy, erotic or fetishistic, is actually a Case of the Sad Libido. In the neighborhood where I stay (Metro: Revoluccion, Puente de Alvarado) there endure a number of small hotels on the sunny side of squalid. You can stay at the Casa de los Amigos ( Friends, or Quakers), the Hotel Casa Blanca, and the Hotel Paraiso, not to be confused with the Raddison Paradise Hotel or any other inferior imitator.

The senoritas who work this hotel are not shy about whispering sweet nothings about ‘amor’ as you walk by. They’re also good humored. Before I new that this hotel was so bumptious at night, I looked at a room there, but I moved on because the smell of antiseptic and bug spray was too heady. Still, it was a John Steinbeck Cannery Row quality to it and you can see the evening wear drying in the late afternoon sun.

Para los ojos, el paraíso de hecho.

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