Sequester bites U.S. military : catastrophe to follow?

san diego aircraft carrier

So the U.S. military might have to reduce its spending by 7% until Congress straightens out the budget, according to today’s newspaper. Apologists for the defense industry like Sen. Lindsay Graham are already predicting the Decline of the West (as if it had anything to do with this) and urging people to arm themselves because there will be fewer police on the streets. The same newspaper shows a photo of two enormous C-5 transport airplanes whose production will be set back if the sequester occurs on March 1. Quelle horreur ! Without these planes, without more $40 billion submarines, without another hundred $2 billion fighter jets, we won’t be able to … what? We’re not even talking about cancelling these projects, just slowing them down.

The U.S. has the world’s largest military by a factor of four. It’s military spending is ten times that of China, which our military pretends is a formidable opponent. China does not even have one functional aircraft carrier – it is retrofitting a hulk it bought used from the Ukraine. The U.S. military runs its own colleges, such as West Point and Annapolis, that each cost taxpayers almost $1 billion a year and produce 35% of our officers (the majority come from state colleges). Annapolis even has a 500-acre dairy farm just to provide milk and butter for the midshipmen. The U.S. military has its own golf courses and resorts. It subsidizes its employees mortgages and auto loans.

My household budget has certainly taken more than a 7% hit since 2008. Listen up, Lindsay, the rest of the militarized world is flying these helicopters that you have junked, like this one on a museum ship in San Diego Harbor. If you sold this ship and helicopter to China, you could reduce the debt by many millions!

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