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Monet at the Hermitage

That last Monet, purple-reddish fields levitating between green poplars pulsating against a blue sky well, it grabbed me, reminded me for the upteenth time this year how far off my plan of living closer to nature I have gone. I’m … Continue reading

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Haida totem pole under construction in Seattle

Maybe I thought that totem poles were just … carved? No way! Today this is a precision art, as these Native American artists in Seattle showed in late summer 2011. They use precise measuring tools, levels, and carpentry aids familiar … Continue reading

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In the beginning was no word

In the beginning was no word in principio non erat verbum, In the beginning was this mouth, this blackness, this emptiness, with perhaps this drool of water that conjured us. But we wanted, were wanted, to be said, rather than … Continue reading

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Human Toilets! Parade the Circle, 2005

Most years a rite of spring is attending Parade the Circle in my town, at which the unleashed creative demons of one half million artists and parents and kids are molded into one gently flowing column of surprise. Dancers on … Continue reading

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Dragon Boat Races, Hong Kong, 2001

It was threatening to rain, the air had that buzzy pre-storm electricity in it, and the locals were scampering for the subway. But I had never seen the real dragon boats race, and I had waited a long time. It’s … Continue reading

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Malaysian tuk-tuk man, Kuala Lumpur

I think I met this tuk-tuk driver in Kuala Lumpur. I liked the ornate additions he made to the basic function of his vehicle, especially the many lights, which actually WORK. Look at the crankshaft on the bike on the … Continue reading

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So I’m walking down Canal Street, New York City …

… the year is 2005, and I’m looking down at the sidewalk, which is so uneven the homeless can’t even drive their shopping carts on it, when I think “Look up, expand your chest, take in the world!” The sort … Continue reading

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Baalbeck, the Temple of Jupiter, Moloch and Allen Ginsberg!

This was the greatest of the three temples sacred to Jupiter Baal and identified with the sun. It was constructed during the first century CE and linked to a to Venus and a lesser temple to Bacchus. Neoclassical visitors calloed … Continue reading

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Pan, Paris, spring! bring!

On a cold snowy day here in the North, imagination revived by an old photo – Paris in spring! I walked in Luxembourg Gardens, overpowered by the banks and tiers of flowers, bowing to dip their scents. How far away … Continue reading

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“Boredom becomes more and more terrible”

” He smoked a cigarette, standing in the dark and listening to her undress. She made sea sounds; something flapped like a sail; there was the creak of ropes; then he heard the wave-against-a-wharf smack of rubber on flesh. Her … Continue reading

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