The Italians, Luigi Barzini, 1964

Florence 1987

“Their smiles and laughter are due to their habit of thinking pleasurably aloud about the pleasures of life. They have humanity rather than humour, and the real significance of the distinction is seldom understood.”

“Many Italian men are disposed to make love at the drop of a hat, anywhere, in a car, on a beach, behind a bush, on mountain summits, under water, or even in a bed, during the day or at night.”

“Often in other countries, one is waited on by people who obviously believe they were destined for better things but were forced by cruel fate to accept a degrading occupation, so degrading in fact as to bring them in contact with people like you. This never happens in Italy.”

They are all in this photo, if you click on and enlarge it!

-Luigi Barzini, The Italians, 1964

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