“Burning River”

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The Cuyahoga River is only 100 crooked miles long. It spirals counter-clockwise like a crazy fishhook, which makes it strange that it was the western border of the United States in the Greenville Treaty of 1795. Mose Cleaveland arrived at its mouth in 1796 to see what it was about and founded a town. The name means “crooked river” in an Iroquois language that no one can identify today, but signifies ‘burning river’ for anyone over 50.

Yes, it caught on fire, several times. Thirteen times since 1868.

The last major fire, July 22, 1969, caught the attention of TIME magazine. Could have had something to do with the first Earth Day the next year.

No one would ever have imagined these students training in their scull back then.

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