Bryce Canyon

bryce canyon - marling

I once slept outside here in March, under the mistaken impression that it would be warmer than Salt Lake because I was in “southern” Utah. Brrrr. I was eighteen then.

Bryce is high, and there is no vegetation to hold the heat. No topsoil either. Nothing but these hallucinogenic rocks. Click on this picture and make it big. Hard to keep your eyes on the trail when you are hiking.

I lost my shoe the last time I was here. It fell out of my backpack, and I was so mesmerized that I didn’t notice.

I stopped everyone I met on the trail: “Hey, if you see a shoe on your way back up, it’s mine. Could you just set it in the middle of the trail? Thanks.”

Of course, why would they be looking down? But I didn’t want to turn around, to go back up. Deeper and farther, stranger.

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