Oh Dada, oh Tristan Tzara !


Born as Samy Rosenstock,
a Jewish Romanian in Moldova,
man of no nation but his imagination,
leaving Bucharest, leaving Zurich,
leaving the stage at Cabaret Voltaire
singing, to return on stilts,
as if self were a trifling
impediment to the present.
“Thought is made in the mouth,”
you said, “Morality is the infusion
of chocolate into the veins of all men.”

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One Response to Oh Dada, oh Tristan Tzara !

  1. Chas Spain says:

    If this be true, then my Tristan has certainly eaten enough chocolate this Easter to have it running in his veins. Whether this has led him to morality I’m not sure – gluttony more like – but he would like to be an acrobat and maybe a composer too one day. Not a bad act to follow.

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