China – the last card.

China - by W. Marling

You hear about the might of China. You never hear
about its demographics. By 2020 there will be only 94 million
Chinese between 20-24 years old, 240 million people over 65.
The Chinese retire around 50 traditionally. The resources
to support them are ~25% of what is set aside in the West.
Like the man on the left in this photo from Guandong,
the Chinese may be down to the last card, sitting on
a can, with one shoe on the table.

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One Response to China – the last card.

  1. Alyx says:

    Considering the speed at which income flows and globalisation are changing what you write here could result in something completely different, so we never really know… although I do agree that, the less wealth and/or skills anyone has at this point in time, the less likely they are to have more than one card.
    Thanks for a good reminder of what we never get to consider : ).

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