Huascarán, Peru, 1975

Huascaran - 1975

This is a group of climbers getting ready to attempt Huascarán, a 6,768 metre (22,205 foot) peak in the Andes. The year is 1975, which is why the shot looks washed out. What crappy film we had back then! I am standing at ~14,000 feet and there is a village nearby. Sheep are raised in this high meadow, and one is about to be sacrificed by the guides for a dinner before they take the westerners on a gradual trek toward the top. The approach walk back then was over 35 miles, and although there were always Indians to carry gear, it felled a lot of people from the U.S. and Europe who thought they could fly in and do this mountain (after all, they said, I have climbed 14,000 footers in Colorado). Fortunately for them, if they succumbed to serroche, the guides would boil up some coca leaf tea.

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