Major Hoople says Egad!

MajorHoople mod

“Egad, sir, have you no sense of proportion?”

“Egad, Martha, during our years of marital bliss you have occasionally preyed on my finances but you have been as frank as a stage robber.”

“What manner of horse play is this? Egad, were it not my natal day I would subject your three silly knaves to a trouncing.”

I inherited a love of Major Hoople, one of the characters in ‘Our Boarding House,’ from my dad, who would read aloud the Major’s bombastic passages from the Sunday funnies. Tom McCormick, the writer at that point, communicated an admiring scorn for the pomp of bureaucratic language that appealed to my nascent functionalism. The cartoon probably would not work today, for this prose style is widely regarded as ‘educated.’

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