Taxidermy in Damascus

IMG_3167enh .

What it is that makes people
want to stuff animals, birds, fish —
I have no idea. The only place
I like that sort of thing is
in hopelessly backwards natural
history museums that have dioramas
of the ‘woodlands indians.’

But once in a while, well,
you know that pest control
company in the Beaubourg area
of Paris that has its windows
filled with well-embalmed vermin?
That stuff is interesting.

And there was that fox on
Canal Street in New York
that I posted about three
months ago (look under the
tag for New York). This fox
smoking a hookah comes from
Damascus, a lighter time there,
when the proprietor came out
front and wanted to know what
we thought about it, pretty
funny shit, eh? He loved that.
But I was thinking: desert.

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