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. For a month, twice a week, I smeared brown grease-paint over my entire head, neck, and arms, to become Winnie-the-Pooh. Three hours later I would remove it with gobs of cold cream. Jesus, I thought, women do this every … Continue reading

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Mr. Marcel Proust

. “The thirst for something other than what we have…to bring something new, even if it is worse, some emotion, some sorrow; when our sensibility, which happiness has silenced like an idle harp, wants to resonate under some hand, even … Continue reading

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A Traveler’s Moon

. A traveler, I came from south of the river, when the moon was only a crescent. In my long, distant journeying three times I’ve seen its full clear light. At dawn I travel with waning moon, at night I … Continue reading

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“Let me give you some advice”

. Let me give you some advice, they say, or we say, but when you’re losing, no advice finds that handhold on your brain, all the possibles look grim. Then the sad cliches march out, futures so feeble they slip … Continue reading

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“We ought to make the pie higher” – Pres. George W. Bush

. Berries are ripe, falling off the bush, chipmunks leaving them half-eaten on rock stools (little buggers!) Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, currents, lingon berries, elderberries, gooseberries, blue berries, thimble berries. They alllll make good pie. This is my wife’s pie, make … Continue reading

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Feeding at the Trough: Chuck Hagel and the Commissary

. Apparently there is no lower limit on shamelessness. Here we are in the Great Recession, and everyone in government is feeling the effects of the Great 10% Sequestration. Instead of being fired outright, many civilian employees of the military’s … Continue reading

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in the hospital

. in the hospital you hear the banal and the profound, clerks talking about soda, patients talking about the end: “I was waiting on God today but he haven’t surprised me.” The cheerful old woman in 518 says “I feel … Continue reading

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Double d’Huez Day

. This picture — that’s how I feel after watching Christophe Riblon track down Tejay van Garderen at the end of the latter’s amazing solo breakaway on the hardest stage of the Tour de France ever. Amazingly, there were no … Continue reading

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Cathedral of Tomorrow

. My friends, today is the cathedral of tomorrow, where we live in postponement. Jesus walks on water in Garden Grove or Akron, over Phillip Johnson’s Galilee, breathless, waveless, and unwavering. This is your peace, you can have it in … Continue reading

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Never saw the sweat of day

. It was almost a job and he almost got paid, almost made the big time. It seems like there’s only upside in the land of the near miss. We never think of the almost fall, the abyss that devoured … Continue reading

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