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May sorrows, Andreth Omoingo

. Gnomic down through April commingling with your poppies across Alsace, unto the Comoros, Andreth, where did that lead you after all forgiveness? Desire requites memory. You crossed the double yellow line twice too often, sparrows flit along fence-top, Omoingo, … Continue reading

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Gertrude Stein on a summer’s day

. It is never about whether or not you like her. Whether or never liking is you, not her. Thinking about Gertrude Stein on a summer day is a rose, is thinking about summer weather or not you. It is … Continue reading

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The e-mail veggie poem

. We have excess green beans, concord grapes, and tomatoes, and we’re going out of town. Would you like a delivery? We’ll eat ’em, for sure! When are you leaving? We might walk over to your house, our evening exercise, … Continue reading

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What are all the tools for?

“When you see a fish you don’t think of its scales, do you? You think of its speed, its floating, flashing body seen through the water… If I made fins and eyes and scales, I would arrest its movement, give … Continue reading

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An ocean like a garment

. What beckons when we gaze is the cross-stitching of wind and wave, an ocean like a garment we could wear. What waves when we beckon is not there, gone already but setting sun-soothing into stitching us. What garments when … Continue reading

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Whose holocaust ?

.. Twenty-two and backpacking across Europe, I stopped at Dachau, for a sad rainy day, then plunged on onto the Black Forest. In my thirties I went to Bergen-Belsen, and I remember nothing. Living in Vienna, in my forties, I … Continue reading

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. Sometime the cow kick your head Sometime she just moo Even the cow don’t know What she going to do Until she look at you Knocked out upon the ground And she say “Woo My leg do that to … Continue reading

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Restaurant review: Le Georges, Centre Georges Pompidou

. This is the men’s room at “Le Georges,” a trendy restaurant atop the Pompidou Center in Paris. Other reviewers show you the dining room or beautiful dishes, but you will probably use the restroom. Here it is. And pretty … Continue reading

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New Olympic sports … and some we’d like to lose

. We were sitting at the dinner table last night, talking about Katie Ledecky’s new 1500 meter swimming record, when the topic of wrestling came up. Wrestling, as you know, was delisted as an Olympic sport last year, despite being … Continue reading

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