Restaurant review: Le Georges, Centre Georges Pompidou


This is the men’s room at “Le Georges,” a trendy restaurant atop the Pompidou Center in Paris. Other reviewers show you the dining room or beautiful dishes, but you will probably use the restroom. Here it is. And pretty nice for a men’s room in France.

This place so captures the good and the bad of Paris dining that it’s almost a trope: young trendy staff flirting with and showing off to each other (but terrible customer service) and excellent food exquisitely presented (but it takes forever). So you do what Parisians do, which is arrive slightly ahead of the crowd, complain if you don’t get a table with a good view, order something reasonably cheap, and dawdle — stay a while. Otherwise you will feel as this Tripadvisor reviewer did:

“Trendy place … aweful service! the first thing that I noticed in this place was the number of witers and waitresses, I am almost sure they were far more than guests. The place is nice and trendy, the view is really beautiful … however the quality of food and service are away too low. At the end of the dinner, a mouse came to the dining room …. and all of a sudden all waiters vanished. They did as if nothing happened! ” 2 of 5 stars Reviewed July 30, 2013 NEW

I hope I was one of the “witers” and I wonder if it was a mousse that arrived. But you won’t be disappointed with the “facilities.”

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