The e-mail veggie poem


We have excess green beans,
concord grapes, and tomatoes,
and we’re going out of town.
Would you like a delivery?

We’ll eat ’em, for sure!
When are you leaving?

We might walk over to your house,
our evening exercise, arriving ~8 p.m.??

We’ve got Kindergarten orientation
for M— tonight, but you can feel
free to leave on front porch (shade)
or back porch (secure the veggies!),
if we’re not in evidence.
Alternatively, A— and I
could swing by
later today if you’d prefer.
Just lemme know –
and thanks for the offer!

My wife says that we will drop by
with the veggies tonight,
because the tomatoes are ripe (!)

Got them! and thanks,
they tasted so good!

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