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ghosts of politics past

. Amazing how the battlefields of Gettysburg where 51,000 died in three days of hell attract picnickers and ‘re-enactors,’ when they could go to Iraq or Syria. Astonishing the statues of Jeanne d’Arc who threatened the Hussites with death for … Continue reading

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Praise for the noble carrot!

. King Carrot grows deep, conquers quietly the realm of worms and pill bugs. Mold and fungus halt afar, soil diseases dare not. In drought he drinks, in flood he sprays the air with greens. In fall his soups sweeten … Continue reading

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Is that Barack Obama ?

. No, it’s just some guy. I feel as if I don’t know that guy, the one I voted for, any more. We’re still in Afghanistan, we will have ‘residual forces’ in Iraq. The NSA is spying on all of … Continue reading

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Who is the King?

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Some days you just feel kind of blanched

. Some days I feel blanched, parboiled, out of it, like a hard-boiled egg would be a promotion. What whiteness I carry around in my puffy little head! What did I just say? My frills beguile me when I turn … Continue reading

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. Growth: not so straight ahead, always. We forget that. The twists along the way: we lose jobs, we lose lovers, and loves. We change towns, or countries. We wake up one morning and everything looks terrible, but a month … Continue reading

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For Labor Day, some people working

. . . We don’t usually take photos of people working, unless we are Lewis Hind. It’s hard to capture work in a picture, unless you have staged it, as Hind did. Even Millet’s “The Gleaners” is undercut by a … Continue reading

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Bashir al Assad, Damascus, Syria

Travelling in Syria in 2009, I was struck by the number of pictures of Bashir al-Assad in public places. I had not seen any despot try so desperately to portray himself in so many roles Syria was an orderly place, … Continue reading

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