Is that Barack Obama ?

2007-8-Chicago-MiamiBeach 065.

No, it’s just some guy. I feel as if I don’t know that guy, the one I voted for, any more. We’re still in Afghanistan, we will have ‘residual forces’ in Iraq. The NSA is spying on all of us, as well as Europeans and Brazilians and Wolof sheep-herders in the outback of Senegal. There are still prisoners at Guantanamo, and we seem to have a massacre every week.

I know that Republicans, like the sinkholes that dot their red states, are Obama’s daily potholes, but —

it feels like the night that I took this picture, a bitterly cold night in 2008, when we were walking around the Loop, with our hands deep in our pockets and our shoulders shrugged up to our ears. You see somebody you think you recognize, you blink the tears away — Is that Barack Obama ?

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