ghosts of politics past


Amazing how the battlefields of Gettysburg
where 51,000 died in three days of hell
attract picnickers and ‘re-enactors,’
when they could go to Iraq or Syria.

Astonishing the statues of Jeanne d’Arc
who threatened the Hussites with death
for their ‘heresies’ and rejected peace:
“I am not content with these truces
and do not know if I will keep them.”
Her heresy (not wearing a skirt)
well, they made sure one flamed
up around her when they lit the match.

Or the Church on Spilled Blood
which was not even there
when Tsar Alexander II exploded
along with the second anarchist
grenade outside on a canal bank
in 1881. Completed in 1907,
closed by Bolsheviks in 1917,
used as morgue and potato bin
for fifty years, rebuilt
for tourist Russia, the gold
domes vibrate with blood
and kiss the Madonna.

This, we think, is history.

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