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Stretch for it!

. Something symbolic about an elephant in Berlin Zoo trying to get across to the other side. It’s a stretch to the green stuff, the good meal, but hasn’t it always been ? What do we ever do but stretch … Continue reading

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Hang on by your icicles

. So this is progress, sunshine like glass on a sub-zero morning! Reminds me of those square tiles of butter perched on the ash-gray mashed potatoes. Afternoons I look at houses in Southern California on Zillow, but no millionaire, nothing … Continue reading

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Feel them stir.

. Winter is a time of seeming surfaces: trees glittering with ice, land locked beneath snow drifts, little grey birds flitting like flies in arbor vitae. But everything will return from roots, sleeping, nearly dead, they perform their yearly miracle, … Continue reading

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Cat tracks in snow

. Every morning when I go out to get the newspaper, there are fresh tracks in the snow — nocturnal visitors, even in this cold. There is a bird who comes to the porch. Why? There’s no food for him … Continue reading

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The best cafe in the world

. This is the best cafe in the world. It is the Anisetta Meletti in Ascoli Piceno, which is a mouthful. It is in the Marche region of Italy, north of the more famous Abruzzi region. The building is original, … Continue reading

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Think about spring!

. Think about spring: not tulips, not Easter candy, not gaudy collective memories. Think about dandelions and chickweed, allergies blooming and dustballs discovered under garrisoned bed. Think about watering eyes shocked by sun’s almost-forgotten glance. Think about the feel, the … Continue reading

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“But I been there before …

. You get a feeling, you try not to be fatalistic, but dammit, you know you’ve seen that scene in some past. That’s how I feel about Lebanon and Syria and Israel: the past is the present is the past. … Continue reading

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Nine stories up from Bangalore

. We breath in winter breath out color, making the world. Memory is not invented until we touch it.

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