Shelia Ranea Crabtree


You look fine to me
Shelia Ranea Crabtree,
like Michael Crabtree,
Evelyn and Crabtree, no
the other way around.
Sexy? Sexy Crabtree?
Girl, I come from people
like Marcia Upthegrove and
Holly Wooden, and since
we speak like arborists,
there was Candy Appel too.
Feeling sorry for yourself?
You ain’t Tyrone Higgenbottom
or Sylvester Burner Turner.
At my high school we had the
Humans: Jeb, Jethro, Hardly —
Straight out of Harlan.
We had Karen Bible
and Lodovico Dortmunder.
When I lived in Brooklyn
my wife taught the Pilgrims:
Carlos, Tiny, and Chocolate.
In Richmond I lived with
G. Baxter Lemond and J.
Studley MacGruder, who
was a basset hound, and
Ronald Midgett, who was
six foot seven. In Spain
I had a student, Garicochea
Garicochea Garicochea, who
was sexy – you understand?

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