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You want a life luminescent

. You want a life luminescent as sunset over the Pacific, as ripe as Eliot’s peach, soft as a child’s hand. You live a life acquiescent, commodious as an old suit, practiced in tomorrows, betrayed in a child’s look. You … Continue reading

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Someone was mistaken …

. Someone was mistaken, she said, there are no heroes. Someone was deceived, she said, there are no saints, no prisoners, no presidents, no novices or nieces. Someone has been revised, there are no originals. Someone let out the mice, … Continue reading

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Broken Focus

>. The knock on the door while you’re writing, the bird that flies -bump- into the window, the cell that rings when you’re up the on-ramp — They push “pause” when you’re already in slow motion. It’s Broken Focus, baby, … Continue reading

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Enzo Mari, allegoria della morte

. Brion Gysin in the sawmill, William Burroughs at the window: Even a snowflake on the hearth has a better chance of epiphany. It’s about “method,” isn’t it? Having none is just a default to the biological, as the newspaper … Continue reading

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