A Letter to my AirBnb Host


The ants have returned. I know
you said they would forget us.
We did put our food in the fridge
as you advised after the vacuum
broke, the one we were using daily
to keep your place tight and white.
Don’t get me wrong: we love the view
and your rec’s on restaurants (where
they all seem to know your name).
We can deal with ants — they’re small.
But if you fixed the broken light —
it’s been a week — like you fixed
the broken TV, then we could see
the ants better and kill them
before they carry off another
spatula and our toothpaste.
They’re getting war-like and
you changed your phone number.
Is it because I mentioned the
sewer gas in the shower, and that
your dog shits outside our door
every morning at 6 a.m.? We don’t
mind, really, but the ants…
they attack in waves now.
I’ll just leave this on your door
and the keys on the table.

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