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Birdsong after rain

. The best birdsong comes after hard rain when severed tree limbs drip green gelid water, car alarms clash with keening ambulances in spongy air. There comes a pause. Then birds never noticed cry across my body from the window … Continue reading

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. For a month, twice a week, I smeared brown grease-paint over my entire head, neck, and arms, to become Winnie-the-Pooh. Three hours later I would remove it with gobs of cold cream. Jesus, I thought, women do this every … Continue reading

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A true story about these dead leaves

I was sitting in the car looking at these dead leaves across the street. I could not get out and go to work for five more minutes, at 9:30, or I might get a $50 parking ticket, because it was … Continue reading

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The Pretty Girl

The first time I saw the pretty girl she was sitting on a counter in my kitchen, one in a house full of party-goers. She had the large green eyes of an anime heroine and the porcelain skin of a … Continue reading

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Mormon Country, “Boy Wonder”

“Then there were the Mormon girls, incandescent with inner goodness and hot to procreate, if only you joined the Church. They had strict rules about sexuality, and naive, fumbling hands. Trying to get my tongue between their milk-and-honey lips was … Continue reading

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Krista introduced me to geese. “Choose a male,” she said, “they are quite cheap in the Hungarian countryside. You cut the neck at the moment of your ecstacy, giving you the most delicious orgasm. It is sodomy, bestiality and, for … Continue reading

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