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Chinese trucks and the Mechanic Muse

. Some of you remember the original VW Beetle. In terms of do-it-yourself service, in terms of an off-the-grid mentality, this car was a work of genius. Two of my housemates once changed a VW engine while it was parked … Continue reading

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China – the last card.

You hear about the might of China. You never hear about its demographics. By 2020 there will be only 94 million Chinese between 20-24 years old, 240 million people over 65. The Chinese retire around 50 traditionally. The resources to … Continue reading

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Dragon Boat Races, Hong Kong, 2001

It was threatening to rain, the air had that buzzy pre-storm electricity in it, and the locals were scampering for the subway. But I had never seen the real dragon boats race, and I had waited a long time. It’s … Continue reading

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Chinese Market!

I took my freshman college students on a “market tour” a couple of weeks ago. Most of them had only seen American grocery stores, which are all the same, varying only in clockwise or counter-clockwise shopping pattern and whether or … Continue reading

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Part 2 of “The River Merchant’s Wife” by Li Po & the Li River

Almost everyone has read Ezra Pound’s “The River Merchant’s Wife,” which is shown on my November 24 “Tartu, Rust, Pound” page. It is a reinvention of “The Ballad of Ch’ang – Kan” by Li Po. Few people know that Pound’s … Continue reading

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Li River Valley, Guilin, China

The Li River ( 漓江 or Lí Jiāng) runs through these karst formations in Guangxi Zhuang, an autonomous region of southwest China. For centuries poets and other people have traveled here to ponder the sinuous river as it wends through … Continue reading

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