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The best of the poems, photos, and meditations to appear on UPICTURE have now been collected in a book,  KILLERS IN TUTUS, available at Amazon.  Click here.  The cover photo appeared on November 2, 2012 in an essay on Fasching … Continue reading

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I get held up on a walk

. What happens when we go for a walk? A kind of floating in the world, you might say a “stream” of being, only nothing we meet is a metaphor. Just opposite – we say we “clear our heads.” Things … Continue reading

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Hot Shower on a Hot Day

. Sometimes a hot shower on a hot day is just what I need, sweating when I enter, sweating and clean when I emerge. Going to a job interview once, I forgot my tie, felt sharp eyes, I got the … Continue reading

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Birdsong after rain

. The best birdsong comes after hard rain when severed tree limbs drip green gelid water, car alarms clash with keening ambulances in spongy air. There comes a pause. Then birds never noticed cry across my body from the window … Continue reading

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Hiroshima, the image

. One iconic image. This city, spread across a river delta with more fingers than seven hands, was a lush rice-growing region. Only a little industry when the U. S. bombed it, to make an example of it. Today they … Continue reading

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Wadi Rum ( وادي رم‎) Jordan

. Back of beyond, beautiful nowhere, cemetery of the Sun. You must click on the photo, to enter its immensity! To get to this strangely inhuman place, I had to enter a chain of human relationships. I befriended a hotel … Continue reading

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New initiates at the Shinto Temple, Kyoto, Japan

. Somewhat harder to get close to Shinto, when you live in Japan, than to get close to Buddhism, although getting close to the practice of Zen Buddhism is not easy either. But Shinto remains very active in the lives … Continue reading

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Edward Abbey, 1927 – 1989

” Why the Southwest?” ” Because it’s clean.” ” How domestic.” “I like the simplicity of the landscape. It soothes my nerves. I like the local beer. Coors. A-1” “How plebeian.” ” I like the men and women who have … Continue reading

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Dragon Boat Races, Hong Kong, 2001

It was threatening to rain, the air had that buzzy pre-storm electricity in it, and the locals were scampering for the subway. But I had never seen the real dragon boats race, and I had waited a long time. It’s … Continue reading

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Pan, Paris, spring! bring!

On a cold snowy day here in the North, imagination revived by an old photo – Paris in spring! I walked in Luxembourg Gardens, overpowered by the banks and tiers of flowers, bowing to dip their scents. How far away … Continue reading

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