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The best of the poems, photos, and meditations to appear on UPICTURE have now been collected in a book,  KILLERS IN TUTUS, available at Amazon.  Click here.  The cover photo appeared on November 2, 2012 in an essay on Fasching … Continue reading

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Someone was mistaken …

. Someone was mistaken, she said, there are no heroes. Someone was deceived, she said, there are no saints, no prisoners, no presidents, no novices or nieces. Someone has been revised, there are no originals. Someone let out the mice, … Continue reading

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Enzo Mari, allegoria della morte

. Brion Gysin in the sawmill, William Burroughs at the window: Even a snowflake on the hearth has a better chance of epiphany. It’s about “method,” isn’t it? Having none is just a default to the biological, as the newspaper … Continue reading

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Waiting in line is like waiting in line

Someone once said there was a Zen to waiting in line. Maybe it was me. The trick is to empty the mind, become one with humanity around you. What is life, after all, but waiting? Why do we live, except … Continue reading

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ghosts of politics past

. Amazing how the battlefields of Gettysburg where 51,000 died in three days of hell attract picnickers and ‘re-enactors,’ when they could go to Iraq or Syria. Astonishing the statues of Jeanne d’Arc who threatened the Hussites with death for … Continue reading

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Whose holocaust ?

.. Twenty-two and backpacking across Europe, I stopped at Dachau, for a sad rainy day, then plunged on onto the Black Forest. In my thirties I went to Bergen-Belsen, and I remember nothing. Living in Vienna, in my forties, I … Continue reading

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The NEW Russia

. It has been a long time, I admit, since I visited Russia — almost 20 years since the collapse of the USSR left Russia a bit drab, rather dusty, sullen and sad. I am a bit nostalgic for the … Continue reading

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Monet at the Hermitage

That last Monet, purple-reddish fields levitating between green poplars pulsating against a blue sky well, it grabbed me, reminded me for the upteenth time this year how far off my plan of living closer to nature I have gone. I’m … Continue reading

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