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We is I, I is We

Children play in the confessional: We is I and I is We.  There are problems with canes and crutches always, as prostheses discarded are reclaimed on Mondays. Nous rendons grace a … But the chantier fund needs chanting up. No … Continue reading

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Surveillance through a glass, benignly

. I have been working on a website for an undergraduate class on Surveillance, which sent me looking for ominous graphics that showed invading eyes, Big Brother, traffic cams — the lore of popular film and television. Of course they … Continue reading

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Rodin Museum, Paris

Oh Ro Dan, I want so to touch your stone. Light grows through softest marble so figuring my fingers that I must finally put them in pockets. – Wm. Marling

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My hero, Brillat-Savarin

This is the grave in Père Lachaise of the man who wrote the first food book – Physiologie du Goût, ou Méditations de Gastronomie Transcendante; ouvrage théorique, historique et à l’ordre du jour, dédié aux Gastronomes parisiens, par un Professeur, … Continue reading

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hammurabi’s code of law

It really looks like a … you know, she said. No, I don’t think so. That’s just you. All shiny on top. Lots of attention there. I bet that people just touched it for luck. The placard says that 50% … Continue reading

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Passerelle Solférino, Paris

Ladies, I know you don’t roll over in the morning and feel a rough face like I do, but how do you get out of bed and look so good so early? You’re like flashing coins sinking away from me … Continue reading

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Pan, Paris, spring! bring!

On a cold snowy day here in the North, imagination revived by an old photo – Paris in spring! I walked in Luxembourg Gardens, overpowered by the banks and tiers of flowers, bowing to dip their scents. How far away … Continue reading

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Paris, the bird market, 1982

On Sundays the flower market on Ile de la Cité becomes a marché aux oiseaux. It used to be more extensive and raucous than today. It began around 7 a.m. and there was coffee and sometimes baguettes or croissants to … Continue reading

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How do U picture Versailles?

I lived not too far away in the late 1980s, so I went to Versailles a couple of times, usually in winter when there were fewer tourists. This was one of the tips given to me by my landlady – … Continue reading

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Eiffel Tower, from Sacré Coeur

Ahhhh, spring in Paris.

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