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Pigneto Street Art

A wonderful off-the-beaten-path neighborhood of Rome. This is not graffiti.  These are not taggers. It is organized and, surprise to me,  adds to the community, which is home to a spectrum of socialist through anarchist views. Advertisements

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Contrast: Rome and Kyoto

Contrast is a basic of thinking. We use it, sometimes to the extent of seeing the world in binaries, every day in all kinds of perceptions, in the gamut of decisions. But what about the middle ground, those things that … Continue reading

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Hannibal leaves Rome

In the end, Hannibal walked out of his city saying the Romans wanted only him. Why should his soldiers make love to their swords? He walked out alone, a small figure in the great field, his elephants dead at the … Continue reading

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Rome, the Pope, Giordano Bruno, and what is the sun?

With all the consternation about Pope Benedict’s resignation, it’s good to remember that not all of Rome’s leading lights got to go peacefully. According to Adam Gopnik in The New Yorker last week, if only Bruno had said “in my … Continue reading

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