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They’re coming! Tour de France

. They have finished the Giro, the Dauphine, and the Tour de Suisse. They are resting now, they are packing on a few calories, and they are sorting out who will do what. They start in Yorkshire, but Wigo is … Continue reading

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Birdsong after rain

. The best birdsong comes after hard rain when severed tree limbs drip green gelid water, car alarms clash with keening ambulances in spongy air. There comes a pause. Then birds never noticed cry across my body from the window … Continue reading

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Waking up morning slowly

. Sometimes it is necessary to come into the morning slowly, from an angle, not to insist that work begin before the swallows glide and dive after bugs. Often it is better to wait for the caffeine or nicotine, the … Continue reading

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Cabin in Estonia

. This is my sister-in-law’s cabin in south Estonia, built of reused logs from a nearby century house that was taken down. It’s built in traditional style around a huge central fireplace/stove/heater — a few pieces of wood heat the … Continue reading

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